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Eli & Lucas Senior Day

This game was one of my favorites to photograph this season, and perhaps even overall in my career as an ECS photographer. I've always loved photographing men's basketball because it's so much fun to watch. The guys are incredibly athletic, which makes for great photos, and the team has a great personality. Two of those guys with great personalities are Eli Kell-Abrams and Mike Lucas.

I'm not close with either of them, though I have had conversations in passing. I've worked with Lucas a few times at WEBN News and on other projects and have talked to Eli a little bit. Both of them are great, down to earth guys. They have a love for the game that is so clearly portrayed in the way that they play and support one another.

I loved how all the photos of their senior day came out and I am rather proud of them. You can see the brotherhood that has formed throughout the years of them playing together. It was great to see such love between them. I recall looking over at the bench towards the end of the game when Lucas and Eli were taken out to give the freshman playing time. I watched Eli and Lucas walk down the bench, hugging and high fiving teammates, and as they got to the end and it was just the two of them, Lucas hugged kissed and Eli and said "I love you, man." I wish I could have captured it on camera.

Emerson is a liberal arts school with DIII sports. Sports are often made fun of and aren't valued by those who don't play and enjoy watching, so you know these athletes aren't playing at Emerson to make it big. They're playing because they love the game, whether it's basketball or baseball, soccer or lacrosse, these athletes are playing because they want to play. They play because they love their teammates and the athletic community, and I'm glad that I get to be a part of it, even if I'm just taking the pictures.

See more photos from the game on the Emerson Channel Sports Facebook page.

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