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She said YES! Sort of.

My best friend is getting married! For over a month, I have been keeping this secret from my best friend and lying to her face. It was horrendously difficult, and I'm honestly a little shocked at how good I am at lying to her. It was worth it, though, because she was absolutely surprised and had no idea! So surprised, in fact, that I'm pretty sure she didn't audibly say "yes" but nodded and giggled into love bliss.

We always talked about our proposals; a key component of which was me hiding in a bush to photograph her engagement. It's a non-starter - her future fiance could not propose unless I was present. She reserves the right to say no if I'm not there, and vice versa. Needless to say, she's engaged and I hid in a bush for 90 minutes to get the shot.

I'm so satisfied with how the photos turned out, and I'm not sure if it's because they actually look nice or because she just looks so dang happy in them. I could not be happier for Mike and Kylie and that my best friend has found the love of her life, her forever person. Love is great.


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