Pho Noodle Bowl Sticker (Glossy)

Pho Noodle Bowl design on easy-peel glossy laminate sticker paper. Approx. 3" in length.


For free shipping on sticker-only orders, use code "freeshipstickers" at checkout. Stickers that ship free take up to 10 business days to arrive and do not have a tracking number. 


Make it a bundle! Mix & Match stickers to save money! 
3 STICKER BUNDLE and save $3.50 on 3 single stickers
5 STICKER BUNDLE and save $7 on 5 single stickers
10 STICKER BUNDLE and save $15 on 10 single stickers

Pho Noodle Bowl Sticker (Glossy)


Each sticker is hand made. Dimensions are approximate and may differ slightly by a few millimeters. These stickers are not weather proof and are not intended for outdoor use.

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