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Q. How long does it take for orders to process?

A. 4-7 business days, unless otherwise stated on my shop page.

Q. Do you have an Amazon Favorites list?
A. Yes!
Click here for my Amazon Favorites.

Q. Where do you get your stickers from? What is it made out of?

A. I design, print, laminate, and cut the stickers myself using water-resistant vinyl sticker paper, laminate, and my Silhouette Portrait cutting machine.

Q. Do you do wholesale?

A. Yes! You can shop wholesale on my website under the shop tab, or you can shop through Faire at

Q. I'm trying to start my own business. Tell me where I can get the supplies to make [insert product here], or where did you get [product], or who is your vendor for [product]? A. While I don't believe in gatekeeping, a lot of my time for my small business is spent researching products, supplies, and testing. I have spent a lot of money and time doing those times and I firmly believe it has helped make me successful. If you would like to start your own business, I feel that you need to also put in the time, money, and effort to actually start your own business. Unfortunately, I can't do that for you. This may be an unpopular opinion, but it's what I feel is right for my business. I do, however, have a list of Amazon favorites that I use for my business that you can browse. You can find that list at If my Amazon list does not have the product you're looking for, then it is likely that I do not want to disclose this information for the reasons stated above.

Q. Do you ship internationally? How long does it take to ship to [insert country]? A. Yes! I don't do it frequently so if you experience issues with my website, please contact me via email or through my contact form. Additionally, I don't have a list of ship times to specific countries but most that I have experienced can take between 4-14 business days. If you live further away, please anticipate that it could take longer.

Q. Teach me how to do [insert craft]; teach me how to start my own businesses. A. While I am certainly flattered by the messages asking me to teach people how to do things and how to start a business, I am by no means an expert. I am entirely self taught through Googling, watching YouTube videos, following brand accounts of products I use (many brand accounts do tutorial videos for their products), trial and error, etc. I am not offering any business advice and don't currently have the bandwidth to make tutorial videos of my own. I am also not providing any sort of private lessons at this time.

Q. How do you get the bubbles out of resin?
A. Patience, low viscosity resin, and a heat gun or lighter.

Q. Do you do custom orders? Can I hire you to design something? 

A. Yes to both! Please inquire through my contact form on what custom design you would like or what product you would be interested in. At this time, anything custom is a 3+ week turnaround. You can also email me at

Q. What kind of printer do you have?

A. I have an HP OfficeJet 3830. I got it before I started my business and it does the job fine. I am a big fan of HP Instant Ink; I've saved sooo much money with this subscription program. You can get one month free through my referral link here.

Q. Can you promote my business for me?

A. At this time I am not running promotional posts for the brands on my account. The brands I do choose to highlight are brands that I have purchased from and like their products, are or partnership/sponsorship posts.

Q. How do you press flowers?

A. Check out the caption in this reel for some tips! You can also buy a flower press or use silica.

Here is my Amazon Favorites list for flower pressing supplies.

Q. What kind of resin do you use?

A. I prefer a low-viscosity resin. I switch between a variety of brands, from MAS Epoxies, Counter Culture DIY, Dr. Crafty, Pro Marine Supplies, and LET'S RESIN. You can see a list of my favorite Amazon resin supplies here.

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