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Don't Forget About Them Golden Nights

I have been to small shows, from Brighton Music Hall, the Sinclair, Middle East, etc. to huge shows at Fenway Park and at TD Garden. Small shows are great when they're a band you love and you get to be up close to the stage, so close that you can see the sweat dripping off your favorite singer or bassist's forehead or the seams on their leather jacket. I don't have to tell you how freeing and fulfilling that feels. I never imaged that I'd be on the floor, 2 rows from the stage, at a Killers concert - at TD Garden nonetheless!

It's moments like that, when I'm up close to an artist at a concert with all the neon lights and flashy stage setups, that I wish I had my camera on me to photograph them. I love concert photography. Not only do you get to listen to some awesome music, but you're taking photos of some memorable moments - capturing a facial expression, a hand gesture, or a dance move from a song that means something to someone. When I see a photo of an artist alone on stage with the crowd in front of them, confetti falling from the ceiling, or even just a single spotlight on the singer, I fall in love with the photo. Maybe even, I fall in love with the feeling of that moment.

I had an amazing time at the Killers and was fortunate enough to be so close and have a pretty decent phone camera on me (shout out to Apple for the iPhone X, they're not paying me to post this but they should...).

Here are a few shots of Brandon Flowers, frontman and lead singer for the Killers, that I was able to capture.


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