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Seattle, WA: Travel Guide

Since my first vacation, a trip to Chicago, a few years ago, I have been making an effort to try to travel to one new place a year (check out my trip to Quebec last year here). This year's girl's trip was to Seattle and was a much needed getaway from every day life.


We stayed at the Executive Inn by the Space Needle, and while it isn't a glamorous modern and chic hotel, it did the job. We felt safe, had all the amenities we needed, and were in a central location where Downtown Seattle was an easy walk or (free) bus ride away. The hotel was a 5-10 minute walk away from the Space Needle, Chihuly Garden & Glass, and the Museum of Pop Culture.


At the Space Needle was a free bus that took you to various different tourist spots around the area. This bus had routes from Chinatown, to the Space Needle, and everything in between, like Pike Place Market and T-Mobile Park, and became a staple mode of transportation for us. We didn't take the Monorail because we had the free bus and every dollar counts! However, we did rent a car for a couple days so that we could go hiking and sight seeing.


We worked up a sweat with all our walking and hiking, so it was only fitting to literally eat our weight in food every chance we got. This trip was entirely for eating. Take a peek at my Instagram Story Highlight for pics of food here.

  • Ramen & Sushi at Tsukinshinbo

  • Mike's Noodle House

  • Beecher's Handmade Cheese

  • Fried Chicken burger at Katsu Burger

  • Steak at FlintCreek Cattle Co

  • Bagels at Eltana

  • Piroshky Piroshky

  • Molly Moon's Ice Cream

  • La Panier

  • Biscuit Bitch (get extra gravy because you can never have enough, trust me on this)

  • Pike Place Chowder (get the sampler)

  • Mighty-O-Donuts

  • Garlic Fries at T-Mobile Park

  • Mike's Shave Ice

  • Rachel's Ginger Beer

I seem to have a knack for inadvertently planning trips around food festivals (see: Chicago), because while we were visiting we got to eat 500 meals (jk, more like 50. If you think that's a joke check my instragram) at the Chinatown Night Market annual food festival. I don't remember all the meals I had, or from where, but whenever possible anywhere, please try:

  • Mexican street corn (on the cob, don't go for that off-the-cob soggy corn)

  • Hainanese chicken and rice

  • Korean fried chicken


Aside from your typical must see tourist attractions of Seattle like the Space Needle, Aquarium, Chihuly Garden & Glass, Museum of Pop (ily Chris Cornell), Pike Place Market, etc., make sure to also:

  • Attend a sporting event (we went to a Mariner's game)

  • Go hiking (we went to Rattlesnake Ledge and Snoqualmie Falls)

  • Visit the Wing Luke Museum to learn about Asian American and Pacific Islander oppression and culture, as well as the history of Seattle's international district. Take one of their free guided tours to get access to areas you wouldn't normally have access to, and to also be able to learn more in depth about the Asian community.

  • Check the Amazon Spheres schedule and visit this indoor rain forest, if possible

Pro Tip: purchase a City Pass and save some $!


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