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On April 1st, Emerson Channel Sports decided to "prank" its followers with a promotional video that has never aired. The post stated that we could no longer broadcast games due to a budget cut and the video was our parting gift.

At first, we just wanted to post the video because it's so outrageous that it's humorous and entertaining. But you can't post a women's volleyball promo out of season, and it's not really a prank. So how do we spin it off as one? By promoting our upcoming USEED crowdfunding campaign.

I came up with the idea of having ECS write that we didn't have the funding to continue. There was an overwhelming outpour of responses from students, athletes, and family members concerned that it was truth. People were so concerned that it was real because they support what we do. I had no idea how impactful ECS has become to the sports community and to have our marketing tactic work, I was amazed.

The reality is, it wasn't just an April Fool's joke. Emerson Channel Sports needs your help. We are in dire need of a new switchboard to provide better broadcasts and a more beneficial experience for those who are a part of this amazing organization.

ECS has opened so many doors for me and I strongly believe it is one of the best organizations on campus. Help us make sure it stays that way.

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